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I’ve been writing stories since my father brought fat printer pads from his printing job at Napier’s Daily Telegraph for me to scrawl on. When I was eight, I began helping him proof read the community newspaper he brought home each week to top up his salary ………….. Read More

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Nigella shares her Xmas secrets

For a person who can't cook, I was slightly intimidated interviewing this domestic goddess and kitchen siren. Nigella was, however, so warm and charming. At the end of our interview, she said in that slightly posh English voice: "Happy Christmas Sarah.'' How cool. Can...

Creative Crissie

I was lucky enough to interview a very cool designer who has turned her talent to her first batch of cushion covers. Shame I can't sew a row of anything, but it was great to meet this inspiring mother of three. Read here

Should we let our teens drink alcohol?

As the mother of a legal drinker (aged 18) and a daughter on the verge of turning 16, it is a dilemma when they want to drink at parties. I decided to investigate the health and social risks of teen drinking, and you can read about what I found here, published on...

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