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I’ve been writing stories since my father brought fat printer pads from his printing job at Napier’s Daily Telegraph for me to scrawl on. When I was eight, I began helping him proof read the community newspaper he brought home each week to top up his salary ………….. Read More

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Why do women fear 50?

Why do women fear 50?

I've got friends turning 50 over the next couple of years, and I really want them to be reassured that it can be a positive time - a chance to reboot oneself, or to really reflect on what is great about that time. Today, 50 is not old, and it's time to shift the...

Karen Walker profile – Your Weekend

Karen Walker profile – Your Weekend

Karen Walker and I were both born in 1969. I was so privileged to interview New Zealand's most successful fashion designer for 1.5 hours on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in a showroom about her Auckland store, amid her new bridal range (pictured). She opened up, revealing...

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